biography of james t kirk

Unfortunately, the drive proved to cause damage to the fabric of space-time, and the Enterprise returned to the Milky Way after the damage was repaired through the self-sacrifice of the Hamalki physicist K't'lk. Spock urged his alternate self to stay in Starfleet and foster that friendship with James Kirk, James T. Kirk, with his friend Gary Mitchell, came to Deneb IV. FIRST LOOK: The Autobiography of James T. Kirk . Staff. December 20, Tweet. Share. Comments (8) It's called The Autobiography of James T. Kirk. This Kirk is no different than the original one: After the destruction of the Narada , the Enterprise returned to Earth, where Kirk would receive a promotion to Captain, and assignment as now-Admiral Pike's replacement as the commanding officer of the Enterprise.

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The First Day of Christmas Fictional Characters on Facebook Small screen berserkers Best Spaceship Crew Team Chemistry Favorite TV Bromance? Biography for James T. Kirk Character from "Star Trek" The content of this page was created by users. It has not been screened or verified by IMDb staff.

This character biography may contain plot spoilers. Visit our Character Biography Help to learn more. Character Biography Edit History Discuss. James Tiberius "Jim" Kirk, biography of james t kirk captain of the United Federation of Planet's Constitution-class starship Enterprise NCC from toand later captain of starship Enterprise NCCA from tograduated from Starfleet Academy in the year Born in Riverside, Iowa, Earth on March 22,their parents' second son.

His brother, George Samuel Kirk, died in the year with his wife Aurelan on the planet Deneva, but their son, Kirk's nephew Peter, survived the planet's parasitic invasion that killed his parents.

biography of james t kirk

James Kirk never married, as his strongest passion was for his career and his command, ship and crew. He was renowned for many relationships with women, human and otherwise, and fathered a son with Dr Carol Marcus, although he was not aware of this fact until David, his son, was a mature adult.

Little time was available for Kirk to enjoy this newfound father-son relationship, as David was killed by Klingons on the Genesis planet in Kirk hiram revels biography best known for his independence and unorthodox problem solving, winning the loyalty and respect of most who grew to know him.

Many of his lifelong friends served under him on the Enterprise, including Dr Leonard McCoy, chief medical officer on the Enterprise a year after Kirk assumed command, and Commander later Captain, then Ambassador Spock, whose long life and exploits rival Kirk's for influence in the 23rd and 24th centuries.

One of Kirk's oldest friends was helmsman Lt. Commander Gary Mitchell who was a pupil of Kirk's at Starfleet Academy. In Kirk had to kill Mitchell after he mutated into a "god-like being" and threatened to destroy the Enterprise driven by his megalomaniac ambitions. Kirk violated the Prime Directive a few times during his various commands, but usually he corrected previous violations. Examples for this include planets Sigma Iota II, Neural and Omega IV in He was considered a "menace" by Temporal Investigations for his actions during time travelling adventures.

These include his travel into via the Guardian of Forever and the renegade Enterprise crew's voyage into in a mission to take a pair of humpback whales into the 23rd century. Kirk was presumed dead after he disappeared from the first brian penikas biography of the Excelsior-class Enterprise NCCB and became part of the Nexus energy ribbon in Unfortunately he died in the fight with Soran.

Picard buried Kirk on Veridian III. In the alternative [Orci, Kurtzman, JJ Abrams] biography of james t kirk created after Spock and Nero went back in time and altered the time line. In this time line, Kirk never knew his father George because he died ramming Nero's ship to allow his crew, and his wife and newborn biography of james t kirk, James.

George Kirk, Jim's father and namesake of his brother, was made Captain of the Kelivn by Captain Robau who was going over to meet with the Romulan Captain Nero.

biography of james t kirk

George Kirk was Captain of the Kelvin for 15 minutes and he saved more than people including his own wife and son, James Tiberius Kirk. As Kirk [reprised by Chris Pine ] grows up to be a rebellious Iowan roughneck, Captain Christopher Pike meets up with him and convinces him to biography of james t kirk Starfeelt, where he meets Uhura, Leonard McCoy and Commander Spock. Kirk alters the program for the Kobayashi Maru test, permitting him to win the no-win scenario.

The test administrator, Commander Spock, brings Kirk up on charges of cheating. During Kirk's trial there is an emergency and everyone is called to duty except Kirk, because of his pending biography of james t kirk. McCoy smuggles Kirk aboard the Enterprise where Kirk convinces Pike that the mission is a trap by the Romulans.

biography of james t kirk

Kirk backs this up with information from Uhura. After they come out of warp and are attacked, Pike must go aboard Nero's ship. He makes Spock Captain and Kirk First Officer.

He has Kirk, Sulu and the head of engineering take on a mission to disable Nero's drill before Vulcan is destroyed.

Kirk and Sulu survive the mission, but Kirk is at levy lee simon biography with Spock, who exiles Kirk to a cold planet. On that planet Kirk meets up with the now aged Spock from the future. Spock Prime, who helps Kirk, tells him how to take command of the Enterprise and introduces Kirk to Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, who has also been exiled.

Kirk and Scotty biography of james t kirk to the Enterprise where Kirk confronts Spock, takes command and leads them to Victory. Kirk is made Captain and honored by Starfleet. Spock asks to be First Office and Kirk accepts. From here the alternative universe takes over from the older [Roddenberry, Coon, Berman] universe.

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Biography of james t kirk

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