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There are abundant occasions of suffering Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception () the Church in India presents its first Saint to the veneration of the faithful of the whole world. Saint Alphonsa (19 August – 28 July ) was a Syro-Malabar Catholic Franciscan nun who is now honoured as a saint. Sister Alphonsa became the first. When Anna was 3 years old, she contracted eczema and suffered from it for over a year.

Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception From her birth, the life of the Blessed was marked by the cross, which would be progressively revealed to her as the royal way to conform herself to Ot.

Her mother, Maria Puthukari, gave birth to her prematurely, in her eight month of pregnancy, as a result of a fright she received when, during the sleep, a snake wrapped itself around her waist. Eight days later, the 28 of August, the child was baptised according to the Syro-Malabar rite by the Fr. Joseph Chackalayil, and she received the name Annakutty, a diminutive of Anne. She was the last of five children. Her mother died three months later.

Annakutty passed her early infancy in the home of her grandparents in Elumparambil. There she lived a particularly happy time because of her human and Christian formation, during which the first seeds of a vocation flowered.

Her grand-mother, a pious and charitable woman, communicated the joy of the faith, love for prayer and a surge of charity towards the poor to her. At biography of saint alphonsa years of age the child already knew how to lead, with a totally childish enthusiasm, the evening prayer of the family gathered, in accordance with the Syro-Malabar custom, in the "prayer room".

Annakutty received the Eucharistic bread for the first time on the 11 of November She used to say to her friends: It is because I have Jesus in my heart! In a letter to her spiritual father, on the 30 of Alphosashe confided the following: I was totally dedicated to my divine Spouse. Your reverence knows eleanor mcmain biography well ".

In the same year of she began to attend the elementary school of Thonnankuzhy, where she also established a sincere friendship with the Hindu children.

biography of saint alphonsa

When the first school cycle ended inthe time had come to transfer to Muttuchira, to the house of her aunt Anna Murickal, to whom her mother, before she died, had entrusted her as her adoptive mother.

Her aunt was a severe and demanding woman, at times despotic and violent in demanding obedience biobraphy Annakutty in her every minimal disposition or desire. She was, in fact, determined to procure an advantageous marriage for Annakutty, obstructing the clear signs of her religious vocation.

The virtue of the Blessed was manifested in accepting this severe and rigid education as a path of humility and patience for the love of Christ, and tenaciously resisted the reiterated attempts at engagement to which the aunt tried to oblige her.

biography of saint alphonsa

Annakutty, in order to get out from under a commitment to marriage, reached the point of voluntarily causing herself a grave burn by putting her foot into a heap of burning embers.

What had I to do to avoid it? I biobraphy all that night If my body were a little disfigured no one would want me! O, how I suffered! I offered all for my great biography of saint alphonsa ".

The proposal to defile her alphonsq beauty did not fully succeed in freeing her from the attentions of suitors. During the following years the Blessed had to defend her vocation, even during the year of probation when an attempt to give her in marriage, with the biography of saint alphonsa of the Mistress of Formation herself, was made.

A gift of my good God! God saw the pain of my saijt in those days. God distanced the difficulties and established me in this religious state ". James Muricken, her confessor, who directed her towards Franciscan spirituality and put her in contact with the Congregation of the Franciscan Clarists.

Annakutty entered their college in Bharananganam in the diocese of Palai, to attend seventh class, as an intern student, on the 24th of May The following year, on the 2nd of AugustAnnakutty began her postulancy, taking the name of Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception in honour of St.

Alphonsus Liguori, whose feast it was that day. She was clothed in the religious habit on the 19th of Mayduring the first pastoral visit made to Bharananganam by the Bishop, Msgr. The period was characterised by grave illness and moral suffering. She could teach the sanit in the school at Vakakkad only during the scholastic year Then, because of her weakness, she carried out the duties of assistant-teacher and catechist in the parish.

She was engaged also as biography of saint alphonsa, especially to write official letters because of her beautiful script.

biography of saint alphonsa

The canonical novitiate was introduced into the Congregation of the Franciscan Clarists in Though wishing to enter immediately, the Blessed was only admitted on the 12th of August szint of her ill health.

About one week after the beginning of her novitiate, she had a haemorrhage from the nose and eyes and a profound organic wasting and purulent wounds on her legs. The illness deteriorated, to such a point that the worst was feared. Heaven came to the rescue of the holy novice. During a novena to The Servant of God Swint. Having restarted her novitiate, she wrote the following proposals in her spiritual diary: Every time I fail, I will do alpnonsa I want to be careful never to reject anyone.

I will only speak sweet biographies of saint alphonsa to others.

I want to control my eyes with rigour. I will ask pardon of the Lord for every biography of saint alphonsa failure and I biography of saint alphonsa atone for it through penance.

No matter what saiint sufferings may be, I will never complain and if I have to undergo any humiliation, I will seek refuge in the Sacred Heart of Jesus ".

The 12th of Augustjohn lawrence reynolds biography feast of St. Clare, the day of her perpetual profession, was a day of inexpressible spiritual joy.

She had realised her desire, guarded for a long time in her heart and confided to her sister Elizabeth biography of saint alphonsa she was only 12 years old: Jesus, however, wished to lead His spouse to perfection through a life of suffering.

From that time, it seems, I was entrusted biography of saint alphonsa a part of the cross of Christ. There are abundant occasions of suffering I have a great desire to suffer with joy.

It seems that my Spouse wishes to fulfil this desire ". Painful illnesses followed each other: Her state of psychic incapacity lasted for about a year, during which she was unable to read or write. In every situation, Sister Alphonsa biogdaphy maintained a great reservation and charitable attitude towards the Sisters, silently undergoing her sufferings. In she had a violent outbreak of illness. A tumour, which had spread throughout her organs, transformed her final year of life into a continuous agony.

Gastroenteritis and biography of saint alphonsa problems caused violent convulsions and vomiting up to forty times a day: I consider a day in which I have not suffered as a day lost to me ". With this attitude of a victim for the love of the Lord, happy until the final moment and with a smile of innocence always on her lips, Alpgonsa Alphonsa quietly and joyfully brought her earthly journey to a close in the convent of the Franciscan Clarists at Bharananganam at Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception Muttathupadathu was proclaimed Blessed by Pope John Paul II in Kottayam, India, on the 8th of February Faithful from every part of the world have come together in a single act of thanksgiving to God in her name and in a sign of the great oriental and western traditions, Roman and Malabar, which Sr.

Alphonsa lived and harmonised in her saintly life.

Biography of saint alphonsa

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