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Yet the judge who cited it in his sex assault ruling was criticized. They were both having a friendly conversation, and it's clear by watching the Levant wasn't belittling him. Catherine Porter 's column appears in the Toronto Star 's news section Authors. Catherine Porter @ Catherine Porter 's column appears in the Toronto Star 's news authors. porter _ Catherine Porter, Ezra Levant and journalism standards. Star columnist Catherine Porter asked Ezra between Toronto Star columnist Catherine Porter and catherine-porter -ezra. A few days later, Levant replayed the clips, saying that, following their initial broadcast, he had received information from viewers about who some of the protestors were.

You might have heard about the "apology" I got catherine porter toronto star biography from the Toronto Star 's Catherine Porter, after we caught her lying about me in her column. She painted me as a bully in print, but we had video that showed that much of she was saying wasn't true.

You can see the whole thing HERE. Under pressure from The Rebel, our viewers and, no doubt, her employerPorter was forced to write the non-apology to me that ran in the Star today. I'm not surprised by any of this because Porter declared in a previous Star column -- one she wrote about a woman who lied about having cancer, and who she called a "hero" -- that lying is acceptable for a "good" cause like turning me into a bad guy.

That's typical of self-proclaimed "social justice warriors" like Porter, and the other Media Party types who won't condemn her. They all think the ends justify the means. You won't believe where Porter is going to be tonight. And no, I'm not lying WATCH the whole video of my encounter with Catherine Porter at ProtestVideo. VISIT our NEW catherine porter toronto star biography blog The Megaphone! READ Ezra Levant's bestselling books debunking environmentalist propaganda against the energy industry: The Case for Fracking Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada's Oil Sands.

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Rebel Edge Rebel Canada Rebel Store About Us. July 21, Toronto Star's "Catherine Porter is a shameless liar tshamano sebe biography doesn't take responsibility even after she's caught" Ezra Levant Rebel Commander. You may remember what happened: Donate today to help keep The Rebel fighting! Visit The Rebel Store to get cool swag you won't find anywhere else. Like TheRebel on Facebook Follow TheRebel on Twitter. You must be logged in to comment.

Click here to log in. Gary Hitch commented Nothing according to the new atheist evangelists who boldly claim that all morality is an illusion.

Morality, or more strictly our belief in morality, is merely an adaptation put in place to further our reproductive ends. It is without external grounding … Ethics is illusory inasmuch as it persuades us that it has an objective reference. This is the crux of the biological position. Once it is grasped, everything falls into place. The Range of Engagement by James Edward Huchingson, Harcourt Brace, The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is at the bottom, no design, no purpose, NO EVIL AND NO GOOD.

Nothing but blind pitiless indifference. DNA neither knows nor cares. DNA just is, and we dance to its music. Our wills are simply not jua kali biography our own making.

Thoughts and intentions emerge from catherine porter toronto star biography causes of which we are unaware and over which we exert no conscious control. We do not have the freedom we think we have. Where there is no moral agency there can be no morality. If no such choice really exists, then morality is also nonexistent.

No one expects bacteria or rocks, or trees or cats or … to have morality. Naturalist atheist Simon Blackburn says much the same: We cannot get behind ethics. It follows that when I criticize your moral standards, I am simply expressing the morality of my society, but it also follows that when you condemn me for criticizing the moral standards of your society, you are simply expressing the morality of your society.

Hence if we happen to live in a culture that honors those who subdue other societies and suppress their cultures, then that is our morality, and the relativist can offer no cogent reason why we should not simply get on with it.

Robert Prongay commented Unlike us who have insults hurled at us and we just sluff them off, to the SJW you using free speech to hurl venom they deem racist,sexist, or homophobic drives them insane.

Did you see what happened when Ben Shapiro called Bob Zoey Tur sir? Cathy R commented As children we were taught not to lie. Lying is for people with biography rocky 5 characters, con men, some politicians etc and are not to be trusted.

She even used her own child in a lie. She has no ideals or principles and should be fired from her job as a reporter. Milan Novakovic commented You are a much kinder man than I am, my catherine porter toronto star biography. Bill Elder commented Wanda Orion commented This thread is beginning to look like the comments section of the Glob.

Watch niels fabian helge von koch biography him to turn up in other threads to do exactly the same thing. Jimmy Da Silva commented I love how you all completely ignore the fact that Ezra Levant lost all credibility. Not that he ever really had any, but even his own lawyer had to come clean about the kind of person that Ezra Levant truly is.

Peter Netterville commented He was confronted later with his mistake and then immediately took to the a public forum the Source to correct his mistake. This, in the eyes of Jimmy, means that Ezra is a liar. To anyone with any common sense, it is obvious all Ezra did was make a mistake, not a lie, but Jimmy still accuses him of lying. This only indicates that either Jimmy really does not understand the difference and is just plain stupid, or he is deliberately lying calling Ezra a liar.

I tend to think the latter is actually the case. When Jimmy calls Ezra a liar for this, Jimmy is, in fact, the actual liar. Rick Plesnik commented Arrogance and superiority complex all wrapped up in one statement! This is what you call a lie? He never claimed to see the catherine porter toronto star biography he was told they were there, read it from the CBSC. Media Release Misidentification of Protestors Constitutes Code Breach, Says Canadian Broadcast Standards Council Ottawa, October 23, — The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council CBSC today released its decision concerning an episode of The Source broadcast on Sun News Network on January 23, The host of the public affairs discussion program misidentified protestors in a catherine porter toronto star biography clip.

The CBSC found the station in violation of the CAB Code of Ethics for the error. The CBSC did not, however, require the station to make an announcement on air because Levant had already acknowledged the error in a subsequent episode of his program. A few days later, Levant replayed the clips, saying that, following their initial broadcast, he had received information from joseph murphy author biography about who some of the protestors were.

The CBSC received a complaint from the identified woman, who asserted that she was not the person in the clip as she had not attended the Sun Media protest and had not even been in Toronto at the time.

Levant had acknowledged his error on the February 8 episode of The Source.

catherine porter toronto star biography

The CBSC currently administers 7 codes which catherine porter toronto star biography with ethics, equitable portrayal, violence, news and journalistic independence. Nearly radio stations, satellite radio services, television stations and specialty and pay television services across Canada are members of the Council. You all desperately need me.

There the beatles biography powerpoint no way to spin that, so that is why you are all ignoring it.

What catherine porter toronto star biography did Ezra have? He knowingly made shit up. Completely infiltrated by the left.

There are attention whores who lose all credibility because they are proven liars, Porter and then there are attention whores who tell the truth, push the envelope of mainstream opinion, consequently ticking people off, and bringing out the barking dogs. Ezra This is not in reply to troll. Brian Burtnack commented People like Jimmy maybe need to see it, but it could be too much for them to comprehend.

If you are able to keep an open mind with facts from any media source — I will be happy to share examples with you. Edward Jobin commented These situations are often craftily designed to get you to arrive at the conclusion they want you to arrive at with no alternatives but the ones they have chosen.

In the end you might conclude telling a lie is good right because I saved a life or more. But the truth is telling a lie was simply the lesser of the two evils and by comparison it was better than allowing an innocent to die. Often people in school melanie maynard biography encouraged to question everything except of course if it is the opinion of the Professor grading your paper.

In other words, Ezra Levant is a attention whore. As for Ezra lying care to provide an example? She should have catherine porter toronto star biography her opinion rather then just lie about facts.

Ezra is a big boy he can handle insults as well as these defaming lies without crying to the HTC. Learn the difference between being a liar and being a shit disturber.

I am also not Portuguese and was born in Toronto.

catherine porter toronto star biography

I am also not just throwing around words like irony and hypocrisy. Peter Toth commented The list could go on for page after page. Ezra if she had admitted her error immediately and apologized it could have been easily forgiven but now in my opinion she has become a liability to the Toronto Star who will have to work overtime double checking her catherines porter toronto star biography and cleaning up her messes.

catherine porter toronto star biography

Her attitude about lying can possibly sully the reputation of everyone she is involved with. The saddest part of it all, what a way to raise a child.

Benoit Dorval commented I had her in catherine porter toronto star biography as I made my last remark. More than once I have waded through comment sections strewn with her flotsam and jetsam. As soon as I see her name now, I just give up and move on.

I am going to practice what I preach now and say no more about it. This guy and that Joan wench want a rise I give it to them lol. A Twitter List by The Rebel googletag. NDP withheld release of "damning" Wildfire report. Trudeau puts rights of "Dangerous Child Sex Offenders" above families. Wynne's transgender bill "legitimizes mental disorder".

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