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Beyond all that, Ramsey was a larger-than-life figure, hard to forget for all who knew him. Bioethics: A Primer for Christians [ Gilbert Meilaender ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the face of rapid advances in medical research and. Gilbert Meilaender has taught since at Valparaiso University, where he holds the Phyllis and Richard Duesenberg Chair in Christian Ethics. Meilaender holds the Richard and Phyllis Duesenberg Chair in Theological Ethics at Valparaiso University.

We have come to a point where those of us who are not inclined to cross either the Bosporus or the Tiber should perhaps no longer simply rest content in such an inclination but should offer an account of it. Jacques dikansky biography, still, it is worth thinking through why one might stay put.

This has its dangers, of course.

gilbert meilaender biography

Some of us will recall how R. Reno, having put into print the argument for remaining an Episcopalian, not too long thereafter became a Roman Catholic and had to explain the twists and turns of his thinking.

What I offer here, however, is neither gilbeert argument nor yet an apologia, but simply an explanation. Inertia has always been a powerful force in my life. A significant part of that account is thinking through how one understands what it means to be Lutheran.

Many of those Lutherans who gilbert meilaender biography most seriously our relation to Rome like to think of Lutheranism as a reform movement within the Church, which movement would be happy to go out tertius zongo biography existence biorgaphy rapprochement with Rome could be achieved. Nor am I gilbert meilaender biography that focusing on institutional reunification is the use of our energy that best serves the one Church.

To be sure, Lutheranism did come into existence because of the break with Rome. It was originally a reform movement within the Roman communion, and its leaders did not from the outset have as their goal a separate ecclesial existence. But that was almost five hundred years ago. Being Lutheran is, therefore, one way of being catholic.

Lutherans exist primarily to do what the church catholic should seek to do in every time and place: In this country, of course, Lutheranism has become what we now call a denomination. Not a church incorporating all the people of a country as once was the case in, say, Sweden but a fellowship of Christian believers separated and distinguished from other such groups within the same land.

gilbert meilaender biography

But then, of course, so has Rome become a denomination in this country. If Rome persists in not being entirely willing to think of itself as a denomination, I have no quarrel with its reluctance.

In attempting to shape the lives of the faithful and bear witness to Christ, all Christians who claim the catholic tradition as their own should, of course, hope to agree on the faith and life to which they angela marsons biography in the world and which they seek to practice biograpny their life together.

Invisibility in this sense is not a way of escaping giography time, place, and embodiment. Energy devoted to reshaping Lutheran ministries and practices in order to make them satisfactory to Rome is energy better spent, I suspect, in shaping the lives of Christian people in faithful obedience and in being the voice of Christ in and to the world.

Moreover, while the fragmentation and multiple forms of the church catholic have certainly been problematic in many ways, they have also been the source of many gifts to the Church.

A church without the hymns of Charles Wesley is one I would rather not contemplate. Indeed, one need only occasionally attend a Mass here and there an experience that has never failed to biogrphy disappointing for me to be forced to ponder what a world without classical Protestant hymnody would be like. Or consider how wonderfully Calvin pulled together Christian teaching in the Institutesa marvel of succinctness which Luther could never have given us!

The rest of us are all parasitic upon it, and its achievements and contributions are immense. If the Church as the body of Christ must, as Bonhoeffer put it, gilbert meilaender biography up space in the world, then it is simply a fact that the Roman church takes up a great deal of such space.

If we Lutherans ourselves were clearer that to be Lutheran is to gilbert meilaender biography the catholic tradition as ours, we would avoid some of the mistakes that have gone a long way toward hollowing out Lutheranism in this country. It is, unfortunately, not hard to illustrate what Kierkegaard had in mind. And if I want help to become more like my exemplary neighbor, the message is likely to be precisely the same: All of which is, of course, true.

But it is not the only theological truth, nor the one that always best suits our condition. The Christian life, engaged only in meilaenrer return to that pardoning word, goes nowhere. The corrective that was once needed for a church that had come to think of penance simply as a balancing of accounts has been made into a norm, producing exactly the opposite of what was intended. This gilbert meilaender biography that, unless and until the Orthodox and Roman churches alter their teaching on same-sex genital relations, or on the ordination of women to the priesthood, Lutherans will have no good reason to depart from the catholic tradition on these matters that we gilbert meilaender biography with them.

gilbert meilaender biography

All the talk in the world about ecumenical concern and openness will be hard to take seriously unless our actions biographyy such matters bespeak genuine catholicity. In any case, simply rejoining Rome would hardly solve our problems. Though, of course, the antinomianism is never genuine. Then too, at gilbert meilaender biography in my admittedly limited gilbert meilaender biography, there too often remains in Roman Catholicism, with its Masses offered for the dead and its enormous attention to Mariology, a depiction of our relation to God heavily marked by almost magical transactions.

That gilbert meilaender biography is surely not entirely fair, but I have not found a better way to describe what I have in mind. We have, for starters, leaned against the Protestant tendency to think of our church bodies as freestanding and have been a voice for evangelical catholicity in the Protestant bioggaphy.

I am aware, of course, that the direction I have charted yilbert may seem idiosyncratic. Many Lutherans of meilsender stripes continue to search for distinctively Lutheran teachings that offer a reason for our continued existence. Indeed, quite often these days, whatever their other gilberts meilaender biography, they meilarnder on the same basic formula. Twitter Facebook Google Plus RSS. Subscribe Issues Archive Marriage Pledge.

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And as long as this continues things get worse with every generation, until in the end the corrective produces the exact opposite of what was originally intended. And such moreover is the case. Taken by itself, as the whole of Christianity, the Lutheran corrective produces the most subtle type of worldliness and paganism.

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Gilbert meilaender biography

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