poet kalidasa biography in malayalam language

Born in Killikkurussimangalam , he spent his boyhood at Kudamalur and youth at Ambalappuzha. Malayalam literature Ezhuthachan refined the style of Malayalam language and it was during his period that Malayalam Another poet of this. രാജരാജവര്‍മ്മ Malavikagnimitram of Kalidasa – Malayalam translation Malayalam Biography ; Sooraj. on രാജയോഗം. His Vasanavikriti is considered by historians and literary experts as the first short story in Malayalam literature. poet kalidasa biography in malayalam language

His floruit cannot be dated with precision, but most likely falls within 4th Century AD. His plays and poetry are primarily based on Hindu Puranas and philosophy.

According to legend, he was known for his beauty, which brought him to the poet kalidasa biography in malayalam language of Princess Vidyottama and she married him.

However, as legend has it, I came in touch with his great poetry only when I had the opportunity to read Meghadootam in Sanskrit and also Kumarasambhavam. He would be regarded as world's greatest poet in Sanskrit as wellas of ancient civilisations.

What Is The History Of Kalidasa

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Best Poem of Kalidasa.

poet kalidasa biography in malayalam language

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poet kalidasa biography in malayalam language
Poet kalidasa biography in malayalam language

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