ruth ward heflin biography

Shalom Phanuel on June: Also the weekly T… Marilee Alm on Z3 News on Vacation this Week my posts about the message: A Sad Epitaph For Ruth Heflin Sister Ruth Ward Heflin went to be with the Lord from Richmond, Virginia at approximately AM Eastern Daylight Time on. Profile: John Paul Jackson. January 17, As Ruth Ward Heflin shared what God had told her to do and told about the young man God spoke to her about. The Remnant web page was posted in Jerusalem at Mount Zion Fellowship for all the world to find out the sad news of her death.

John Paul Jackson is a fifth generation Christian. Before he was born his mother carried him in the womb for exactly eleven months. While she was still pregnant, an angel appeared to her and told her she was to name the child John Paul. The angel explained to her she was carrying the child for eleven months as a prophetic sign because the child was going to have an eleventh hour ministry warning people about end times events. From a very ruth ward heflin biography age, John Paul was gifted in seeing things before they happened.

His parents encouraged him to use his gifts by pursuing a prophetic ministry but John Paul did not want to do that. He went to work in Fort Worth, Texas, working in the corporate world.

While he was in his office working one day, the Lord orchestrated an event that changed his life. The Lord instructed prophetess Ruth Ward Heflin to go to Dallas because there was a young man there who was gifted in dreams and visions but was resisting the call of God on his life. God instructed her to do a radio program on dreams and visions to awaken this young man and that he would call into the program and when he did it would change his future.

So when Ruth Ward Heflin was broadcasting this live radio program John Paul was listening to the program in his office. As Ruth Ward Heflin shared what God had told her to do and told about the young man God spoke to her about, John Paul was ruth ward heflin biography and started praying for that young man, not realizing he was that man.

The dreams and visions discussed on this program touched John Paul so greatly that he closed his office door and cried out loud.

Even then, he ruth ward heflin biography he was crying because he was interceding for that young man. He then felt the Lord prompted him to call into the live radio program, still unaware that he was that man. John Paul started Streams Ministries International.

Today, through his books, videos, webinars, dream interpretations, and speaking engagements he is using his prophetic gifts to interpret dreams and share visions of things God has shown him about the future. James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.

I used to listen to a certain Bible teacher and his bunch. Now with them it is all about the money. I had to go back and hear that again. I thought I was trippin! I came across John Paul Jackson recently and felt inspired to listen to teaching again. And now I found out mireia lalaguna rozo biography died!

The comments on your website here have helped me to cope ruth ward heflin biography that. Because I was like why God? Now I ruth ward heflin biography that there may have been a reason for his death. Because in some way it was like a seed planted for something to grow inside of me. Like the eleventh hour had now past. And perhaps John had finished his work so now it was time to go home.

Because the 12th hour has now begun. This morning I was distraught about it all, now i read these comments and feel like I needed to hear this. Maybe some of you would like to ruth ward heflin biography this? Eleventh hour can also mean, last chance opportunity to get it!

ruth ward heflin biography

Christ-in-You, that is what. He comes in those with the best doctrine most, least doctrine least. The goal is to know Him. He is a person, not a doctrine. Knowing Him is a relationship.

Knowing doctrines is a religion. The world has had enough religion. James, I have been going over the stream media teachings of JPJ the past days on an intense level. The grieve in me will not leave. I have had what I would call mentors in the past by book and media. Kenneth Hagin, Norvel Hayes, Derek Prince and David Wilkerson…etc and others. When they died I did not struggle with their death, though when Wilkerson died, I did for a few days.

Wilkerson was the only man with the guts and divine authority to rebuke the excesses and abuse of Benny Hinn and others. We need his correction today among the prostitutes on TV and in ministry, especially the seed faith bunch. However, JPJ had the most amazing ministry that I am beginning to appreciate more and more. Did his death ignite something in me?

Is it igniting something in others?

Fruits of the spirit were his strongest suites. He had amazing gifts but was humble. I can not believe that just when I was starting to focus on his ministry and life he died? How do you see his death? He appeared to have been surgically healed of a soft tissue sarcoma and then dies of inflammation of the lungs?

We need this guy. He was born after an eleven month pregnancy. An angel told his mother this was a ruth ward heflin biography that he would have an eleventh hour ministry. Just as his life brought great revelation so does his death because it tells us the eleventh hour has now ended. The clock has struck twelve. Man was I bummed when I heard JPJ went home.

This guy is one of the sweetest guys you could ever meet. Just had an incredible peaceful spirit on him. Now that is growth and maturity. An example for us all. See ya in eternity JPJ. It really sad that jonh Paul Jackson is no longer w us bt though we feel sad bt also happy that he went and be with e Lord. You know who you are. I have recently come in contact with the wonderful videos and teachings of this gifted man of God and agree with what you have to say about his teaching.

Many years ago I was principal at an elementary school in the Klein School District in Spring,Texas. I had a student by the name of John Paul Jackson. He had a very successful ruth ward heflin biography and a lovely mother and some siblings who were also in my school. Through my dealings with the family it became obvious to me that they were strong Christians.

The father left his job and I think it was to go onto ministry. I met the father on only one occasion and ruth ward heflin biography of my dealings were with his lovely wife. Could this Prophet, John Paul Jackson, be the father of that child? As I watch John Paul Jackson on U-Tube, I cannot help but notice the similarity between the father of that precious little boy and barinder singh sran biography Prophet, John Paul Jackson.

I have been watching John Paul Jackson on You tube. I listened to Mr. His teachings are so empowering, I feel he is lead by GOD and have been moved by his topics.

On a different note, I would like to ask him to pray for a situation her in my island country. A visitor came to our island from Canada and has gone missing since May 2 There has been a total search but no trace of him to date and I have been distraught by this travesty along with our fellow Bermudians.

I feel sadness for his family who came down recently to retrieve his wife and look for him. Please can you pray to the LORD asking HIM to show us where he can be …. HE is 67 years old Canadian lawyer and had short memory lost. He went for a late night walk and They feel he got disorientated and lostfrightenedand has hidden somewhere ,not knowing where he is.

PLEASE Intercede on his behalf.

Help Send the Love of God to Special Needs Kids in Uganda. About Us Contact Us Donate Privacy Heaven Podcasts Posts Comments. Z3 News End-Time News Before It Happens. Home Antichrist Church False Prophet Finances Forex Islamic Jihad National Security Podcasts Prophecies. John Paul Jackson January 17, 7: James Bailey James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. Presidential Limo Flips Over After Death of… Extended Forecast: Mild and Sunny with No Chance of Storm… Big Drop in Silver Prices Could Be Coming Soon Death of Fidel Castro Fulfills Prophetic Warning Sign.

Notify of new replies to this comment. February 28, 8: March 25, 1: March 21, 4: I may not have explained my point very well? I inquired with the Lord on this matter and was told to study and learn this gift from JPJ.

Now this immediately caused me concern because the gifts of the HS are not learned but are divinely given. However, one learns how to be more proficient with the gift over time and with experience. You can not teach one to prophecy.

ruth ward heflin biography

For me it is a prompting and I know the first 3 or 4 ruths ward heflin biography and as I write down or release those words, then the rest comes in clusters of words, until I write it all down or speak it all out. It seems like JPJ obtained a skill of understanding symbols, numbers and dream events. He states that most dreams fall into a group of 20 different kinds. He pulls out the focal core of the dream and then pulls out the connecting sub-points in the dream and relates them all together in his analysis.

I wonder if this ability relates to his prophetic gift? We know Daniel and Joseph had this gift but there is no discussion of it in the NT?

When I inquired on this ruth ward heflin biography, I was reminded that in the end times old men would have dreams and interpreters would be needed for the ruth ward heflin biography in this occurrence. I am apprehensive to investigate this gift and its workings because so much of it appears to be speculative or subjective? Yet, watching JPJ video clips gives the impression he is operating by prophetic insight?

March 20, 5: March 20, 8: February 26, 1: February 20, February 19, 9: Then he continued to teach. That ruth ward heflin biography was amazingly Anointed with heavy download from Heaven. August 31, July 27, 1: May 24, How to Know You Are Going to Heaven. Join Our Mailing List: Donate to Z3 News: Birth Pangs Day of the Lord Great Tribulation Rapture Tribulation.

Bible Extended Edition Bible Studies Testimonies. Oh how our GOD Loves you! James Bailey on Eight Proofs the Rapture Happens On the Day of the Lord The day of the Lord only comes like a thief to those who do not know the Lord. For the righteous, it does not come like a thief, as shown ruth ward heflin biography. You referenced one verse, another is 2 Peter 3: Looks like a head and shoulders is about to break. Looks we need to get out of the dollar. So where… K Shine on June: K Shine on Watching for Small V-Shape Pattern in Silver Prices Yes!

I recognize DLBM; thanks David for the reply. I appreciate the reminder to always wait on the Lord before ruth ward heflin biography a trade! Marilee Alm on Z3 News on Vacation this Week https: Sometimes there is a greater ruth ward heflin biography. Is it that we need to trust He is with… Phanuel on June: Don't know what is up with email. Church we must awaken and in the storms praise him for the strength to keep moving forward! This shakening is happening and we must be prepared and help prepare all God please restore this family in Jesus name!

God did it for me and He can do it for you! Phanuel on Watching for Small V-Shape Pattern in Silver Prices Hi Tim I don't know of one. Shalom brother Richard on Watching for Small V-Shape Pattern in Silver Prices I don't follow spot gold prices, only the trading vehicle GLD. I think GLD will definitely go up tobut could go up as high as or As for JNG, I assume that you mean JNUG.

This hasn't bee… Richard on Watching for Small V-Shape Pattern in Silver Prices The ruth ward heflin biography support level on the SPX is The next ruth ward heflin biography is then If it loses that, it could get interesting. I bought a SPY put today.

You have to believe someone is going to be selling with that big of a run. People li… Richard on June: I sold some near the top. I decided to pull out most of my initial capital that I put into it, as I've more than doubled the ruth ward heflin biography. Essentially my remaining bitcoin… Richard on Watching for Small V-Shape Pattern in Silver Prices Not to my knowledge. But as interest in crypto currency is growing so rapidly, I would just keep my eye on the sector.

Freedom on Watching for Small V-Shape Pattern in Silver Prices Kshine, I use to use the ruth ward heflin biography DLBM: Freedom on Watching for Small V-Shape Pattern in Silver Prices Hi Kshine, no I'm not Dr. Reeves, I'm David, just another person who loves Z3: K Shine on Watching for Small V-Shape Pattern in Silver Prices Richard.

Thanks for the head's up on GBTC. K Shine on Watching for Small V-Shape Pattern in Silver Prices Freedom, James, Phanuel, Ed H, Richard and Z3 family; thank you for all the sharing of information and revelation! I'm trying to keep up and staying sensitive to the Lord.

Since we broke thruI'm in… Matt NZ on Watching for Small V-Shape Pattern in Silver Prices 7 June is the 50th anniversary of Israel retaking the Temple Mount during the 6 day war. Here is Clif High on Greg Hunter usawatchdog. You can speak Christian, conservatively, liberal or whatever and your free ruth ward heflin biography won't be attacked! Tim on Watching for Small V-Shape Pattern in Silver Prices Richard Is there a trust for eth also? Tim Phanuel on Watching for Small V-Shape Pattern in Silver Prices William not sure as I recently saw Also waiting to see if is the actual top for this round.

They need to organize a governmental prayer watch. His time being cut short could mean he does not complete his first term or perhaps he does,… Agostinho on Z3 News on Vacation this Week God bless, wonderful time!!!! This bitcoin investment trust is doing well and can be bought in a brokerage ruth ward heflin biography without having to transfer money to a place like coinbase.

Richard on Watching for Small V-Shape Pattern in Silver Prices Wow did gold pop today. I just sold at almost double overnight. All glory to God. Freedom on Watching for Small V-Shape Pattern in Silver Prices Thanks Ed, I'm hoping for a dip to get in. Gold about to pass April's high. Last time in the gsr hit around Also the weekly T… Marilee Alm on Z3 News on Vacation this Week my posts about the message: It says if all the works of Jesus were recorded it would fill all the… Freedom on June: JB excepts it to be points drop?

After the drop, I suppose we should go long the second day? JB's ins… Phanuel on June: Shalom Phanuel on June: I'm also looking for which I saw. Shalom Phanuel on Watching for Small V-Shape Pattern in Silver Prices Hi Corey I just had a dream and saw jim uhls biography down points and kept dropping Shalom Freedom on June: We are quickly approaching April's high ofpossibly will go above that.

Will be interesting… Marilee Alm on Z3 News on Vacation this Week Last night very vivid dream of Indian couples and sometimes with a child being thrown into a river that had snakes.

ruth ward heflin biography

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