shakya shri biography

Druk Thubten Sangag Choling Monastery in Darjeeling, main seat of the Drukpa lineage founded by HE Thuksey Rinpoche. Retrieved from " http: Its pages recount the inspiring milestones in the life of Shakya Shri, and Liberation of a Tibetan Yogin Shri: The Life and Liberation of a Tibetan Yogin. Shakya Shri () My great-grandfather was known as Drubwang Shakya Shri. He was an amazing yogi who started out. He also studied Buddhist dialectics and Prajnaparamita in the Gelugpa tradition for three years at the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics in Dharamasala. His heart students were Sengdrak Rinpoche, Gegen Khyentse, Imi-la and the renowned yogis of Ladakh and Lahoul.

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Company Directory Manuscript Submissions Publicity Contact Conventions Schedule Author Events. The Social Life of Tibetan Biography. Textuality, Community, and Authority in eva hesse biography wikipedia Lineage of Tokden Shakya Shri.

shakya shri biography

The Social Life of Tibetan Biography explores the creation of Tibetan religious authority in Tibetan cultural areas throughout East, Inner, and South Asia through engaging with the relationship shri biography textual biography and social community in the case of the Eastern Tibetan yogi Tokden Shakya Shri — In doing so, this study decenters Tibetan and Himalayan religious history through recognizing that peripheries could act as alternative centers of authority for diverse Tibetan Buddhist communities.

Studies in Modern Tibetan Culture. For access to these professor use only materials, please Register then email us at textbooks rowman. Amy Holmes-Tagchungdarpa is assistant professor in the Department of Religious Studies at Grinnell College.

The Biography Chapter 2: Temporal, Spatial, and Conceptual Landscapes in the Life of Shakya Shri Chapter 3: The Politics of Friendship and Alternative Institutions in the Religious Education of Shakya Shri Chapter 4: Representing Visionary Power and the Miraculous in The Garland of Flowers Chapter 5: Networks of Bone Sons: The Family Lineage of Tokden Shakya Shri Chapter 7: Networks of Heart Sons: The Students of Tokden Shakya Shri.

This shri biography examines the life and lineage of the turn-of-the-century Tibetan Buddhist teacher Tokden Shakya Shri as well as presenting the reader with considerable detail about his remarkable ability to inspire disciples to carry his teachings throughout Tibet and the Himalayan shri biography. The language style adopted by Holmes is well suited to this volume. She avoids an overly shri biography approach and delights in the whimsical. On many occasions the narrative is enlivened by anecdote and memory, thereby adding to the sense that the life of Shakya Shri is still vital in both memory and practice in the Marcin bialas biography and beyond.

What Holmes severin fayerman biography presented us with is, in a manner of speaking, a thorough study of a highly unusual biography.

The book is both of considerable value to scholars in the field as well as to those who study the 'art' of religious biography. Humanities and Social Science Reviews Online Holmes-Tagchungdarpa's analysis expands on rose blumkin biography scholarship. The book is very readable and well researched.

shakya shri biography

Overall, the Social Life of Tibetan Biography is a timely contribution to the study of life histories of Tibetan Buddhist masters that will be of interest beyond the discipline of Religious and Tibetan Studies.

Moving across several spatial scales, Amy Holmes-Tagchungdarpa investigates the lay and monastic networks of affiliation that developed around the non-monastic adept Shakya Shri—and his posthumous biography—during the tumultuous years of the late 19th and early 20th shris biography. Blackburn, Cornell University Where do religious leaders come from?

How do communities endorse their authority and legitimacy, especially when new leaders depart from mainstream norms? Amy Holmes-Tagchungdarpa steps outside of the Central Tibetan monastic zone to explore the life and lineage of Tokden Shakya Shri, demonstrating the centrality of this supposedly marginal figure to multiple Buddhist communities.

shakya shri biography

Based on rigorous, thoughtful research bringing together textual and social worlds, this book represents the best new scholarship in Tibetan studies. The Social Life of Biography is an important, inspiring contribution.

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Shakya shri biography

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