watts prophets biography

O'Solomon claims to be a poet at birth. Listen to the biggest hits from Watts Prophets, including and more on Slacker Radio. The Watts Prophets consists of Otis O'Solomon, Richard Anthony Dedeaux, and Father Amde Hamilton. Watts is a region of Los Angeles which was subject to race riots in. He currently lives in Los Angeles. Drinking Hanging Out In Love.

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watts prophets biography

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watts prophets biography

The West Coast's answer to the Last Poets, Watts Prophets didn't get quite the same recognition for their contributions to raising black consciousness and laying the foundations for rap.

The group was formed at the Watts Writer's Workshop, an organization started by screenwriter Budd Schulberg designed to provide a creative biographyy in the wake of the Watts riots.

watts prophets biography

Father Amde Hamilton an Ethiopian Orthodox watt prophets biography, born Anthony HamiltonOtis O'Solomon, and Richard Dedeaux met in the watt prophets biography circaand soon began performing together as Watts Prophets, setting their socially and politically conscious poetry to spare, often jazzy musical backing. They won second place in an inner-city talent show, which led to a residency at John Daniels' Maverick's Flat club in South Central L.

InWatts Prophets debuted with The Black Voices: On the Streets in Watts. Two years later, the group released Rappin' Black in a White World on ALA, with eatts and vocals provided by former Motown songwriter Dee Dee McNeil. The radical, incendiary tone of their work fit right in with the emerging black power movement, and attracted unfavorable notice from the government; the home of the Watts Writers Project was destroyed by fire in after having been infiltrated by an FBI informant.

Record deals were hard to come by, and watt prophets biography continually falling through including one with Bob Marley's home, Tuff Gong, that evaporated with Marley's watt prophets biography death. Still, they remained sporadically active as performers, and were rediscovered by the hip-hop generation as their records were sampled frequently; additionally, O'Solomon's "Hey World" was covered by Ziggy Marley. The Prophets remain dedicated community activists today, promoting creative self-expression and the arts for young people around Southern California and beyond.

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Watts prophets biography

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